Foil Stamping

Foil stamping, sometimes called flat stamping, hot stamping, or leaf stamping, is the process which roll leaf is applied to a substrate through the use of heat and pressure to create a paper level image. A vast array of different foil products are currently available and can achieve impressive results on a variety of substrates.  Dynamic has one of the most extensive collections of stamping presses in the U.S. to accomplish this process, and can handle sheet sizes up to 36 1/4" x 49 5/8".



Embossing is the process used to raise an impression on the surface of a substrate.  There are a number of different effects that can be achieved through embossing. Single level, multi-level, domed, sculptured and beveled are some of the most commonly used embossing techniques. Several different metals are used to make embossing dies, such as magnesium, copper and brass. Brass dies are the first choice of the embosser. This is the only metal that can be hand tooled, thereby achieving the dramatic effects that are so popular today.


Foil Embossing 

Foil embossing, or combination stamping, combines both the foil stamping and embossing processes through the use of a specially tooled brass die. This operation can be completed in one press pass and is used extensively in the greeting card, packaging, and book publishing industries. For shorter runs, or projects where printed elements need to be embossed along with foiled elements, the same effect can be accomplished with less expensive dies through two separate operations; first flat stamping the foil image and then embossing in register to the foil and/or print images.


Die Cutting 

Die cutting is achieved through the use of sharpened steel rules that have been inserted into a special plywood board (imagine an oversize cookie cutter). The dies are ruled out to exactly match the final cutting outline indicated by the designer via a rule out sheet or die vinyl. Once the press sheets are run through the die cutting press, the excess stock (non-live area) is stripped away leaving the final die cut configuration, or blank. These pieces are now ready for packing or for additional operations as required.


Dyna Etch  


The Dyna Etch process combines the characteristics of foil stamping with the properties of transparent offset printing inks. First, a specially engraved brass die is used to foil stamp the desired graphics while at the same time imparting a variety of finely textured patterns into the metallized foil. Then, these foil areas, along with any non-foil elements, are overprinted on conventional offset printing equipment. The results offer a unique blend of intense color and an illusion of movement, and can even mimic the look of a hologram if used effectively.



The application of UV coatings to both enhance and protect a press sheet has become very popular in recent years. The dazzling sheen of a well coated printed piece certainly justifies the relative low cost of performing this operation. Dynamic can flood coat up to a 50" x 56" press sheet and spot coat up to a 28" x 40" press sheet with a variety of specialized coatings depending on your specific needs.


Engraving Services

Our affiliated company, Dynamic Engraving, can handle most all needs for stamping, embossing, and combination dies. Whether it's etched copper, hand tooled brass, or fiberglass duplicates. Dynamic's team of skilled engravers offers outstanding results coupled with efficient turnarounds



In the finishing area, Dynamic comes out a winner. Equipped with a full line of folders, cutters, shrink wrap and specialty cutting presses, the potential is unlimited. Also offered is hand finishing and assembly which can result in the most creative products.














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