Coating Specification Information

Dynamic has just published a coating specification sheet that provides valuable information to our customers on how to best utilize our specialty coatings and complete a project trouble free. you can now access this information by clicking on the following link:


New Seminar Presentation

Dynamic Graphic Finishing, Inc. is proud to announce that a new Seminar on Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, and UV Coating has just been finalized.� This seminar brings Dynamic's technology and capabilities to you. Dynamic's sales team is currently scheduling seminars at our customer's site to better explain and demonstrate some of the techniques and processes that DGF utilizes to make your next project special. Ask your Dynamic sales representative to schedule a seminar presentation for your Production, Customer Service, Purchasing, Estimating, or Sales group and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

New Coating Samples Available

Dynamic Graphic Finishing, Inc. has announced that a new U.V. coating portfolio has just been completed and is available for distribution. The samples were created to display different spot coating applications over different colors, different ink densities, different substrates (10 pt. c/1/s/; Matte Film lamination; and Gloss Film Lamination), and also over 4/c artwork. The portfolio includes samples of:

"Dynacrylic" Coating - a thick UV which can be used as an alternative to film lamination and/or embossing because of the depth of the coating.

Spot Gloss Coating - this coating is ideal for use over a matte coating or lamination to create a high gloss contrast and add some "pop" to a subject or type.

Glitter Coating - need a little "Sparkle" for your next design? Glitter coating might be just the answer. Glitter coatings are available in many different colors and particle sizes.

Glow-in-the-Dark Coating - a real specialty coating that brings life to a printed piece even in the dark.�

Scratch-off Coating - this silver based coating is opaque and covers a printed subject until the end consumer scratches off the coating to reveal what is hidden under it.

"DynaFrost" Coating - this coating was developed to bring an etched glass appearance to a printed piece and is a mixture of UV coating, white and pearlescent pigments.

Thermochromatic Coating - just as scratch-off coating "hides" printing under it, this coating is even more interesting because it can be used over and over again. This "heat activated" specialty coating becomes clear after it is heated either by placing a finger over it or by rubbing it. After the coating returns to room temperature, it becomes opaque again. It is available in either dark blue or black.

Texture Coatings - these coatings are designed to add a texture to a printed piece to add a special tactile quality to your next design. Several different patterns are available.�

If you would like a sample portfolio, please contact your sales representative or contact Jack.O'

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